Without exception, all patients in our practice go through the retention phase of treatment.
Retention begins when the braces are removed.  If the teeth are not retained in their corrected position, they will begin to move over time.

Patients in the retention phase are seen periodically in our office during the first year after braces are removed.  After that, please call the office if there is a problem with your retainer.
Typically, a removable retainer is worn full time for the first 6 to 12 months and then night time use only.  A bonded retainer is worn permanently.  

At the end of the first year in retention, patients have concluded their treatment in our office.  It is then their responsibility to wear a retainer as prescribed indefinitely.
Please call our office if there are any concerns @ (902) 894-9232.

For lasting success from orthodontic treatment:
  • Wear your retainer as prescribed
  • Don’t let it get bent or otherwise damaged
  • Call for a repair appointment if it is damaged or loosened
  • Keep it clean,  floss regularly
  • Keep it in its case when it’s not being worn
  • Be committed to maintaining your beautiful smile