Dental Implants | Rochford Family Dentistry in Charlottetown

A dental implant is one option available when you are missing a tooth and have a space present. An implant is a metal (titanium) screw that is placed into a prepared site of bone where the tooth is missing. The implant is surgically placed and then left to heal for several months while the bone “grows” around the threads of the implant. The particular metal from which the implant is made promotes the bone to grow naturally around the implant and incorporate it into the bone of the jaw. 

Dental Implant Charlottetown
After the implant is healed, the restorative phase begins. The implant screw in the bone will act like the roots of a natural tooth, and have an attachment for a fake tooth, or crown. In the end, you will have a white porcelain crown that is attached to the metal implant in your jaw bone. Implants are very strong and are a conservative option to replacing teeth because there is no compromise of any surrounding teeth. Implants help restore the form, function, and esthetics when teeth are missing in the mouth.

Patients will go through a consultation process to see if they are a candidate for implants. Things to consider are:

  • The amount of space available
  • The quality of the bone in the area of the missing tooth
  • The patient’s medical history.