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We offer digital imaging x-rays which decrease the exposure to radiation, and allows for instant availability of the x-ray. It also makes the x-ray image easier for the dentist to enlarge and share with you on a chairside computer screen, which makes your involvement in your dental care much easier and more efficient.  

Radiographs of your teeth allow the dentist to make a complete diagnosis of your dental needs. In order to make a complete diagnosis, the entire tooth needs to be considered. Without radiographic images/x-rays, we are only able to see half of the tooth because the rest of the tooth is inside the bone.  X-rays offer us a full comprehensive view of the tooth, which allows us to recommend the best treatment for you. 

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Digital impressions

Rochford Family Dental is always striving for ways to improve our services. We are very pleased and excited to now offer digital scans instead of impressions for most procedures. This means that we can eliminate the need for messy impression material, and allows us to offer quicker turnaround times and much more precisely-fitting restorations.

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