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Dentist in Charlottetown, PEI | This is more commonly known as “root canal treatment”. 

A root canal treatment is the process of removing the nerve tissue from the crown and roots of the tooth.  The treatment includes cleaning the nerve canal(s) within the roots to remove all toxins and bacteria and then filling the leftover space.  This allows the tooth to remain in the mouth, but the tooth will no longer have a nerve.

There are different situations that may require root canal treatment:

  • when the tooth's nerve is irreversibly damaged due to infection and/or trauma;

  • when a cavity in the tooth is large enough that it involves the nerve;

  • when there isn’t sufficient remaining tooth structure to allow our dentist to repair the tooth 

Endodontics focuses on effectively diagnosing and treating the dental pulp, which is located within any given, natural, healthy tooth. Its functions include providing the tooth with nerves and essential nutrients. However, complications with the dental pulp - such as infection or damage - can cause it to buildup bacteria within the tissues inside the tooth, potentially causing it to die. The best way to prevent this from happening is with a properly executed root canal procedure, which is intended to remove decayed dental pulp from within an infected tooth and then refilling the inner area with a special dental substance. A crown is usually placed on top to protect and "seal off" your tooth. 

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