Teeth Whitening & At-Home Teeth Bleaching Patient Instructions | Charlottetown

Rochford Family Dental offers a number of teeth whitening options for patients, including in-office teeth whitening and at-home whitening kits. 

Patient Instructions For Teeth Bleaching Kits

  • It is recommended that bleaching be done at night so that consecutive intervals of 6-8 hours can be achieved. The time of day does not matter but it should be a minimum of four hours and no more than ten hours.
  • Mild sensitivity is normal. Use of desensitizing toothpaste (Sensodyne) will help. If teeth or gums become very sensitive or inflamed, discontinue use for a couple of days and then try again. Shorter spans of time will help to decrease sensitivity (2-4 hours). Contact our office if problems develop.
  • Use only very small amounts of bleach in the tray (pea-sized). If bleach is oozing out at tray insertion than there is too much bleach in the tray. Wipe away any excess.
  • Brush and floss prior to bleaching.
  • Decreased amounts of dark liquids and/or tobacco will help to get better results.
  • When desired result is achieved, see our office for a fluoride rinse. Bleaching will reduce the fluoride barrier on your teeth and this should be replaced when bleaching is completed.
  • Brush your bleach tray after use with a toothbrush and warm water (not hot), inside and outside.
  • Keep your tray when you are finished bleaching. Occasional “touch-ups” may be necessary from time to time to return to initial whitening. This may require the use of one or two syringes of bleach over a period of several days. Additional bleach may be purchased from our office.

Please feel free to contact our office for any questions, concerns or appointment requests.